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Published Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Mexico City, May 11, 2021. - As a result of its environmental culture The Future is Green, Viva Aerobus signed a strategic alliance with Anaconda Carbon, a company dedicated to the promotion and development of renewable energy, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission reduction activities, to launch its voluntary carbon footprint offset program for passengers.

The carbon footprint refers to all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions released into the atmosphere directly and indirectly through the airline's operation. The purpose of this alliance is to offset this carbon footprint; that is, to carry out actions to neutralize the amount of GHG emissions, investing and financially supporting projects that improve the environment.

To achieve this goal, Viva Aerobus launched a voluntary offset program that invites its passengers to join the fight against climate change. When buying their tickets on the airline's website, passengers can now choose the option “offset carbon footprint”. Then, together with Anaconda, the real carbon footprint of their flight is calculated and the corresponding amount to be offset is indicated according to globally established procedures, using the metrics and methodologies of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol of the United Nations and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). All passengers who decide to participate will receive a Certificate that endorses their contribution.

“We are proud to develop a joint program with this leading airline in Latin America. We collaborate to generate and develop awareness, contribution and environmental education for Viva Aerobus passengers, inviting them to be part of the solution in a joint and way with the different projects that this program will support,” said Christian Giles, CEO of Anaconda Carbon.

These resources, in a first stage, will be allocated to the project Carbon, water and indigenous biodiversity in Oaxaca, which, endorsed by the CAR (Carbon Action Reserve), aims to mitigate the environmental impact caused by forest exploitation, as well as restore areas with severe erosion or those affected by fires and pests. This initiative also helps to protect and prevent damage from fire, grazing and illegal use of forest resources. Some other benefits of this program are the protection of flora and fauna threatened by deforestation (orchids, white-tailed deer, wild boars, pumas, etc.), creation of sources of employment for the local communities, and social and economic regional development leveraged from sustainable forest management.

With this program, Viva Aerobus and its passengers contribute to achieve United Nations Sustainable Development Goals such as Affordable and Clean Energy; Sustainable Cities and Communities; Responsible Consumption and Production; Climate Action; Life on Land and Partnerships for the Goals, among others.

“At Viva, sustainability is a key factor of our business strategy and we are working and investing for an operation in harmony with the environment. We are already the greenest airline in Mexico by having the lowest CO2 emissions per passenger, but we take our responsibility to the next level with Anaconda. With this alliance, we become the only Mexican airline that allows passengers to voluntarily offset their real carbon footprint per flight; you offset exactly what you should per trip”, mentioned Juan Carlos Zuazua, CEO of Viva Aerobus.

Viva Aerobus recalls that in October 2020 it reaffirmed its commitment to sustainability with the launch of its environmental culture The Future is Green, a series of actions and commitments that strengthen Viva as the greenest airline in Mexico and today it presents the second edition with updates and new commitments, such as the alliance with Anaconda Carbon.

Last year, Viva became the first airline in Mexico to separate waste during its flights to recycle it and, today, Viva continues to be the airline with the lowest number of CO2 emissions per passenger in the country thanks to its efficient operation, distinguished by high load factors and the advanced technology of its aircraft. Viva has the youngest fleet in Mexico and the second youngest in North America (4.2 years on average) with highly fuel-efficient engines.

The airline aims to reduce its CO2 emissions per seat per kilometer and CO2 per passenger per kilometer more than 15% by 2025.

"Viva Aerobus is not only the best flight option because of the low fares, safety and reliability we provide, also because of our long-term commitment to the environment," concluded Juan Carlos Zuazua.

For more information on the environmental culture of Viva Aerobus, please visit: (Spanish version).

About Viva Aerobus

Viva Aerobus is Mexico's ultra-low-cost airline. It started operations in 2006 and today it operates the youngest Latin American fleet with 45 Airbus A320: 40 Airbus A320 and 5 Airbus A321. With a clear vision to give all people the opportunity to fly, Viva Aerobus has democratized the airline industry with the lowest rates in México and the lowest costs in Latin America, making their flights the best value offer. For more information please visit:

About Anaconda Carbon

Anaconda Carbon is a company dedicated to the promotion and development of renewable energy, energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission reduction activities. We have a strong emphasis in Latin America, where many of our consultants and clients are based. Most importantly, we are firm proponents that environmental responsibility and profitability CAN and DO go hand in hand. For more information please visit:

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Monterrey International Airport. Terminal C, Miguel Aleman highway Km 24, Apodaca, NL, Mexico, C.P. 66600
Call Center
Mexico (Toll free) 81 82 150 150
United States +1 866 FLY VIVA (+1866 359 8482)