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Published Friday, April 9, 2021

Mexico City, April 8, 2021. - Viva Aerobus, Mexico’s ultra-low-cost carrier, reported more than one million passengers in March 2021, a +67.7% increase versus February, +27.3% increase vs March prior year (when the pandemic started), and + 28.6% increase vs March 2019 thus improving pre-COVID-19 demand levels.

Load factor reached 84.8%, +4.3 percentage points than same month last year and +8.2 percentage points vs February 2021.

“This March, more than a million passengers chose Viva Aerobus as their travel alternative as we pay very special attention to their well-being by offering a reliable and flexible service with the lowest fares, always protecting our passengers’ wallets ", said Juan Carlos Zuazua, CEO of Viva Aerobus.

Guided by this commitment to offer reliable and affordable air connectivity, Viva Aerobus inaugurated during March, its nonstop service Acapulco - Cancun and launched for sale its new international non-stop flights from Leon (Guanajuato, Mexico) to Houston and San Antonio. As a result of this growth strategy, Viva offered its passengers (March), a greater capacity, measured in seats per available kilo-meters (ASKs), than the offer in February 2021 (+50.77%) and March 2020 (+21%).

Finally, looking out for our passenger´s health and as a result of Viva´s comprehensive prevention and hygiene program Viva Contigo, the airline signed a strategic alliance with Laboratorio Médico Polanco, Laboratorios Ruiz and Grupo Diagnostico Aries to offer its passengers preferential fares on antigen tests or NAAT tests prior to their international flights.

* NOTE: Given the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on passenger demand, starting in the second half of March 2020; monthly passenger figures will be compared, from now on, versus 2020 and 2019.

Concept Month Year to Date
(January - March)
March 2021 March 2020 CH% March 2019 CH% February 2021 CH% 2021 2020 CH% 2019 CH%
Passengers 1,082,411 849,929 27.35% 841,149 28.68% 645,226 67.76% 2,567,755 2,837,381 -9.50% 2,397,409 7.11%
Load Factor (RPK/ASK) 84.8% 80.5% 4.3 PP 90.9% -6.1 PP 76.7% 8.2 PP 78.2% 84.8% -6.6 PP 89.1% -10.9 PP
RPK's (millions) 1,214.4 952.0 27.57% 923.8 31.46% 727.9 66.83% 2,936.0 3,193.6 -8.06% 2,639.8 11.22%
ASK's (millions) 1,431.6 1,182.2 21.10% 1,016.3 40.87% 949.5 50.77% 3,755.9 3,767.6 -0.31% 2,964.2 26.71%


  • Passengers: People who purchased their plane ticket to fly during the month referred in the report, regardless whether or not if they flew.
  • ASK (Available Seat Kilometers): Seat available for sale that flies 1 kilometer (regardless of whether it is occupied or not).
  • RPK (Revenue Passenger Kilometers): Indicates the total distance flown by passengers who paid for their transport in kilometers. It is the measure of the total traffic of passengers who paid for flying (excludes courtesies, employees, etc.).
  • Load Factor: Represents the percentage of reserved seats in an aircraft or fleet in a certain period.

About Viva Aerobus

Viva Aerobus is Mexico's ultra-low-cost airline. It started operations in 2006 and today it operates the youngest Latin American fleet with 44 Airbus A320: 40 Airbus A320 and 4 Airbus A321. With a clear vision to give all people the opportunity to fly, Viva Aerobus has democratized the airline industry with the lowest rates in México and the lowest costs in Latin America, making their flights the best value offer. For more information please visit:

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Walfred Castro, Corporate Communication Director of Viva Aerobus -

Tarssis Dessavre, Account executive of PRoa Structura - – Tel. 55 5442 4642 - ext.26 / Cel. 55 2751 1709

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Call Center
Mexico (Toll free) 81 82 150 150
United States +1 866 FLY VIVA (+1866 359 8482)

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Monterrey International Airport. Terminal C, Miguel Aleman highway Km 24, Apodaca, NL, Mexico, C.P. 66600
Call Center
Mexico (Toll free) 81 82 150 150
United States +1 866 FLY VIVA (+1866 359 8482)